ao.com - A Review

ao.com – A Review

So our trusty old washing machine decides enough is enough after 12 years, so we thought it was time for a new one. After shopping around, ao.com seemed like the best place to buy price wise, so we thought we’d give them a try and ordered a hoover.

The machine itself is £369, which isn’t bad for a washer dryer, and I’ll write a review on the machine after a bit of use.

As we placed the order, we…

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Counting down!

Well, here we are in the final run up to our civil partnership, so we had to have a little countdown!

[ujicountdown id=”Countdown” expire=”2013/08/13 14:30” hide = “false”]

Still too long!

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zPanel or cPanel?As you know, I’ve hosted for 15 years, and I have to say, up till now, cPanel was always my  first…View Post

zPanel or cPanel?

As you know, I’ve hosted for 15 years, and I have to say, up till now, cPanel was always my  first…

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Honey mustard salad dressing

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Regain webmin access after IP changes

Here is how to regain access to Webmin after your local IP address changes and Webmin locks you out.

Edit /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf and change the “allow” IP address to your new IP address.

To add multiple IP addresses, just put a space in between them.


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Weather Station

OK, so my new toy arrived this week, well at least part of it, my new weather station.

I’ve wanted an internet enabled station for over ten years, and I’d never got round to replacing the weather station my ex broke (by dropping a 43 inch CRT TV on it…

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Sleepers Awake / Watchet Auf / Maurice Mime

I’m posting this because it took me an age to track down.

You may be familiar with Kenny Everett’s character ‘Maurice Mime’ who always had the same music.

It’s actually a piece by Bach called Watchet Auf (Sleepers Awake)

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External drive mounting and suspend

Here’s the problem: The Virtualbox vdi is stored on an external USB harddrive, which is /dev/sdc1 and mounted as /media/gary/Virtualbox. All working fine after a reboot fine and dandy and what you’d expect if you look in fstab.

Put the host Ubuntu system…

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